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By meditating and reciting on this deeply it brings transformation and healing. In words of Yogi Bhajan: perfection of this shabad can make you like a golden Buddha, you will have wisdom, you will have purity of a yogi and you will have essence, it is a great shabad to meditate to and it brings healing and light and clarity to your life.

Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan is dedicated to the achievement of self mastery through the science of Nadd Yoga. We offers classes and workshops in the musin singing, pronunciation, rythm and raga of Gurbani Kirtan.

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Lightness of Being

Lightness of Being is Satkirin’s landmark CD. It is her very being her best selling album to date. The music flows from start to finish like a beautiful meditation. Or an unfolding of spiritual journey into the light.
For massage, Yoga Class, sleeping, and meditating, it is a wonderful collection of spiritual songs that will brighten and lighten your day.

Blessings of a Woman


Ajai Alai


Sacred Kiss


Good Company



Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan Opens

Like many, you may have thought that the Aquarian Age would be all about love and peace and are possibly wondering what has gone wrong? Worry not. Challenges and strong winds blowing have been the consistent constants of the human experience. Yes, we have indeed entered this long awaited Aquarian Age but are also moving…

A Blissful Awakening

A Blissful Awakening When I wake up in the morning, I’m usually grumpy, tired, spaced out – sometimes energized. But rarely do I wake up feeling totally “blissed out,” singing the “Song of Bliss” – ANAND SAHIB, which some of you may know. This morning, however, was one of those rare mornings where I woke…

Have you listened to GOOD COMPANY yet?

Have you listened to GOOD COMPANY yet? At Summer Solstice 2012 in New Mexico, I released my new album called “GOOD COMPANY”. It is a compilation of shabds dear to my heart and I want the opportunity to share the uplifting experience of these shabds with YOU. It means a lot to me that you…