Recite Your Soul – Jap Ji
Oct 23rd, Oct 30th and Nov 6th
6:30 – 8:30pm
3 part series – $75 if pre-registered
Individually – $30 if pre-registered or $35 day of
In 1469 a great soul known as Guru Nanak came to this planet singing a song that transformed people’s lives from mundane and troubled to illuminated and inspired. This great song came to be known as “Jap Ji.” It consists of 40 parts or “pauri’s.”  Each “pauri” gives us insight into the structure of life and Infinity. By reciting each “pauri,” we bring our minds to a state of self exalted thinking. We will sing, meditate and study these 40 steps. Studying and meditating on Jap Ji, we will learn how to flip the mind from the finite to the Infinite, so that we may lift up ourselves and others. 
No meditation or chant experience necessary. You may attend the whole series or just a single class.
Hari NYC- 140 West 30th St
3rd floor New York, NY 10001

SACRED CHANT KRIYA Series with Satkirin Kaur

We will be singing with live musicians for ALL workshops in this series.


Wednesday – October 15th

Guru Ram Das, the 4th Sikh Guru was known for his service and healing ability. An important channel for practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, we sing this shabad in praise of him on the anniversary of his birth. These special words with melody, when sung in the group become a platform of elevation. We will learn the sounds and meaning and sing together for 31 minutes with love and accept the ability they have to heal us and carry us through difficulties in our lives.


Wednesday – November 11th

Yogi Bhajan said that chanting this is a powerful way to strengthen the aura and heal the body. We will explore the origins and Naad of this Shabad or prayer and also how to pronounce it correctly. It has the ability to tip the aura with gold. It has become very popular to recite in the Kundalini Yoga practice. Come and find out why as Satkirin leads us on this journey of healing and polishing our diamond self.


Wednesday – December 10th

Praan – Life force

Sutra – statement of infinite wisdom

When the soul takes its journey to the next plane we can help the process with the Pran Sutra. This tool relieves fear and prepares us for the moment when we take our first and last breath. Come and learn how to take these important steps to our eternal home – from our beloved teacher, Yogi Bhajan. Satkirin will lead this as a singing meditation with musicians. A joyous Kirtan event.


Wednesday January 7th

This Shakti Mantra was spoken by the 10th Master of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh. His legacy includes the power that his bani has for taking us through great challenges, transition times and facing impossible odds. This ‘Shabd’* has a churning nature in the sound of its language and in the formation of the words. Getting into the rotating faculty of its sounds and works like a Chakra. It cuts Karma and negativity within the orbit of your life. When you are faced with an oppression it will ring in your ear to establish in you a balance of strength and command.


On The Wings of Ecstasy
January 11th-17th, 2015
Paradise Island, Bahamas

Join Satkirin for a Blissful Weekend of Kirtan at “On the Wings of Ecstasy:” An Interfaith Devotional Singing & Sacred Dance Festival in Nassau, Bahamas




Last Day to Register:   September 16th at midnight    


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Sant Subagh S. Khalsa

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