I am so grateful to all the people who did so much to make this tour a success. Your kindness and generosity went far beyond my expectation.

August 11-17 I was in Galicia Spain, a province in the Northwestern corner of Spain directly above the tiny country of Portugal. The Kundalini Yogi's of Spain and Europe met at the International Kundalini Yoga Festival for eight wonderful days. This event hosted by Narayan Singh & Siri Kirin Kaur of Vigo (www.kundaliniyogavigo) was filled with classes and teachers from all over Europe and USA.

My next stop was London for a Kirtan tour of the Gurdwara's in the London area of Great Britain. Departing Spain from the historical city of Santiago de Compostela, I traded the Spanish sunshine for the clouds of the British Isles.

Back in Yately at the home of our hosts we worked with their three kids on their movie project, making a LORD OF THE RINGS movie spoof for entry in the SIKHNET ANNUAL Youth FILM FESTIVAL. The movie called: CHAKERAAN PATISHAA-I-AN will be released shortly at www.sikhnet.com, and utube.

Special thankyou to Param Singh of Project Naad!

Blessings to you with love and gratitude,
~ SatKirin Kaur Khalsa

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 19th
Integral Yoga Institute NYC
International Day of World Peace
chant night for peace
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Saturday, September 20th
UN Prayer for World Peace
free event
Golden Bridge Yoga NYC
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Sunday, September 21th
Plainview Gurdwara
1065 Old Country Road
Plainview Long Island 11803
12:30PM to 1:30 PM

Mexico City
Thursday, September 25th
Free Concert
September, 26-28
Guru Ram Das 2008
The Sacred Sound and Health

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Friday, October 10th
Kirtan Night with Mantra Jam Band
Golden Bridge Yoga NYC
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CD New Release

SatKirin and Thomas Barquee have been working on the new release BLESSINGS OF A WOMAN. An entirely new sound with abundant female vocals for mainstream release in early October 2008. Seven new shabds and mantras adding some Latin sounds to boost your spirits in these trembling times. A powerful collection with song of the Noble Woman, prayer of the Mother and more for you to discover.

In the Words of Yogi Bhajan

"The problem occurs when your security is your own maya. Woman's maya is woman's own mirage and she can look at things totally differently. Her mind is such a maya that she can totally hypnotize herself. Self-hypnosis is a living art in every woman. It has one advantage that if she wants to dope her­self with divinity, righteousness, grace, character and discipline, she is a very fast learner. But if she wants to put herself into the maya of her own hallucination and create her own mirage she can cause the death of her own divinity and misery in her personality.."

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