June 2011


How many times have you done something that made you feel so happy to have accomplished, only for someone to come along with criticism or dislike and challenge your position? Do you let this intrusion enter your realm and bring you down, or do you maintain your level and bring that person up with you? I ask you this sincerely, because it is happening more and more these days.

Recently I was feeling very low, and so chose to sing the Jai Te Gang shabd. (Guru gave it to his people who came asking for help.) It lifted my spirits so completely. Then I heard the voice of the Guru whisper: record this and share it. People everywhere need this juice (rus) for these very challenging times.

The research was done. Yogi Bhajan’s words came, 1988 KWTC: â€œ’The double edged swordcalled TEG represents life and the glow of life. The sword is actually a symbol of spirit. It is that soul of spirit inside the KHANDA, the Adi Shakti, the center of it which represents your glow, your grace, and your grit. Guru Gobind Singh gave this sound current to awaken the spirit in you.”

When all the production requirements fell into place I knew it was meant to be. I’m happy to share that the shabd is now recorded and available online as a download:

Please know that it is for you. It can awaken the God self in you. Share the elevation of your soul spirit that it brings.

Regarding the cover art…some people are upset that I put the goddess image of Saraswati next to Guru Gobind Singh ji. Some people are upset that it is called Shiv Shakti Mantra. Shiv is the protecting arm of God and Shakti is the creativity of God. It is similar to MIRI PIRI, which means SOLDIER SAINT (another polarity). Symbology in art is for expression of excellence of God. A picture may speak a thousand words, but the best words are those that carry you to your own victory of spirit. Jai Jai Te Gang………




Satkirin singing SAT SIRI SIRI AKAL
Chile, January 2010


Gurdwara Kirtan

Sangeeta practicing at our class

Sara my niece’s dance recital

Little 4 year old KENJI playing to Jai Tay Gang

Cotton transport in Punjab
“I am your yesterday, you are my tomorrow. If you will

not understand this line there will be nothing but sorrows.
It is the Age of Aquarius. It is the Age of Knowledge. It
is not the Age of Exploitation. It is not the Age of Renunciation.
It is the Age of Living now fully.”

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“I would like you to know that your CD Universal Prayer helped me to survive a year that most people would not have survived. I had to have my leg amputated and between you, Dya Singh and our Beloved Gurus I am walking and back to work . Thank you for being the Incredible woman you are and your incredible music.”


“‘Bisara Ga-ee-prayer’ is a masterpiece.”

Sant Subagh S. Khalsa

“I love your Kirtan and all the mantras and find it very transforming to the Soul. Even today I used Mera Man Loche from Universal Prayer in my Kundalini Yoga Lesson. I find it essential to chant.”

Regina Jung-Moehn- Dauborn

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Sat Kriya