Establish your relationship with the Guru




“Instead of being afraid of the unknown, make the unknown your friend, & this is our first gift to you.
It is the first opening where you can penetrate to the unknown without fear.”

Yogi Bhajan 2/6/87

TWO time offerings for this interactive webinar:

  1. Friday March 31, 9 pm New York time, 7pm Mountain 6pm West Coast USA
    Saturday April 1, 11am Japan, China, 10am Taiwan
  2. Saturday April 1st – 12 noon New York time, 10am New Mexico time, 6pm Central Europe

Cost $33

Have you been wanting to relate to the sacred sound current through Shabad Guru and don’t know how to go about it?. Would you like to own your own Siri Guru Granth Sahib and keep it at home with respect for daily use?
Would you like have the Guru to give you personal daily spiritual guidance?

It has been my life work to devote my time to studying the sacred sound current and to make the shabads from the Guru Grant Sahib available for upliftment of our every day life. And now I would like to teach you how to establish your own relationship with a guru and the universal truth it carries.

In this webinar you will learn how to begin

  1. setting up a volume in your home
  2. how to approach the taking of your hukam
  3. what is a hukam
  4. understanding the words of the Guru
  5. Incorporating into your lifestyle for daily use.

Join me:
2 Hour webinar
2 time choices

class recorded for future use-all participants receive the recording
follow up webinar for Q & A (questions and answers).


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