Gearing up for Guru Ram Das’ Birthday Sept. 29th & Oct. 6th


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 Every year kundalini yoga communities from around the world join together to celebrate the birthday of the the great healer, Guru Ram Das, which falls on October 9th. Yogi Bhajan said this day is a particularly powerful time to send out prayers and ask for miracles. It is celebrated by chanting the Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru Shabd (prayer) in the early morning hours of Guru Ram Das’ birthday. We will study and learn the pronunciation of this shabad, so that we may tune into the vibration of love and healing that is Guru Ram Das.
All classes include:
– taught online LIVE with visuals and notes
– question and answer time in each class
– class recordings sent to class attendees
– in depth study on select compositions (shabd’s/mantra)

-timing of class geared for international attendees–


MY New York, NY

Thank you so much for this amazing webinar. This is what I have wanted to learn for a long time.

AK Tucson AZ

I always learn so much from you and you are definitely impacting my sadhana and my teaching in a positive manner!

BS Taiwan

I really treasure the time we gather to listen to your vivid knowledge and experience!

KSS Denmark

“I watched the video yesterday. I love what the students got from the class. I could feel the joy they felt.”

“Go forth my friend as a musician of the soul and tune the hearts of all to the Divine harmony”  Inayat Khan


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