Kauri Kriya - Online Course

Learn to control and use the subtleties of your vocal cords. Improve your communication.

  • 6 video files recorded from a live workshop
  • 30 minutes of vocal warm ups
  • 2 Kauri Kriya music tracks (one of A# and one in sliding scale) that have never been released before
  • beautifully designed brochure that explains the mantra, how to use it along with Yogi Bhajan quotes
  • Live hour long webinar to answer all your questions

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New Album: Meditate Forever

Meditation is the moment you tune into yourself, your words, your breath, your focus, and your intention Melody, rhythm, loving words, plus a Divine focus on the internal self called the soul, brings meditation. Let these sounds guide your inner self. Allow the experience to free your mind from worries that cloud your excellence.

Songs include it:

  1. Vilambat - Salutation
  2. Anand Bhai-aa - Gratitude to the Mother
  3. Triple Mantra - Clears past, present and future
  4. Wahe Guru (featuring Ashana) - Lifts when you are down
  5. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur -Wins the heart
  6. Ajai Alai - Awakens the soul
  7. Ardas Bhai-ee - Fulfills your prayer
  8. Manganaa Mangana Neekaa - Fulfills your longing
  9. Aap Sahaa-ee Hoah - (featuring Ashana) Eliminates animosity, enemies

Triple Mantra 31 min. Walking meditation


Kauri Kriya Meditations MP3


Sacred Kiss


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Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan is dedicated to the achievement of self mastery through the science of Nadd Yoga. We offers classes and workshops in the musin singing, pronunciation, rythm and raga of Gurbani Kirtan.


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Having a Tough Time? This Meditation Can Lift You.

At Khalsa Women’s Training Camp in 1983, Yogi Bhajan said this Shabad, the fifth track of my latest album, Meditate Forever, was the perfect forklift and Kundalini yoga meditation.  He also said, “In the first two lines, the entire secret of God and God’s experience is totally identified.” This meditation helped me during difficult times…

Q&A: The Joyful Triple Mantra Chant

Last week, you got to download my new 31-minute chant for free (which won’t last long — it goes back to full price this Thursday, so get it here). This is a beautiful, joyful chant I do every day on my walks. It’s a renewing, inspirational experience that gives me new ideas to share with you….

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By meditating and reciting on this deeply it brings transformation and healing. In words of Yogi Bhajan: perfection of this shabad can make you like a golden Buddha, you will have wisdom, you will have purity of a yogi and you will have essence, it is a great shabad to meditate to and it brings healing and light and clarity to your life.