Learn to Play Harmonium

Learn to play 3 simple chants/meditations for your yoga class. Even if you are not a Kundalini Yoga teacher you will find these chants very powerful meditational experiences for your students and loved ones. The chants will be from Satkirin's vast discography of familiar melodies.

This is a beginners class and everyone is welcomed. This will be the first class of many more to come.
Imagine accompanying yourself for your own meditations at home or sharing music with your students.

May 28th, June 4th, June 11th
10:00 am - 11:30 am EST

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Meditation is the moment you tune into yourself, your words, your breath, your focus, and your intention melody, rhythm, loving words, plus a Divine focus on the internal self, called the soul Let these sounds guide your inner self. Allow the experience to free your mind from worries that cloud your excellence.

Vilambat - Salutation

Anand Bhai-aa - Gratitude to the Mother

Triple Mantra - Clears past, present and future

Wahe Guru (featuring Ashana) - Lifts when you are down

Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur -Wins the heart

Ajai Alai - Awakens the soul

Ardas Bhai-ee - Fulfills your prayer

Manganaa Mangana Neekaa - Fulfills your longing

Aap Sahaa-ee Hoah - (featuring Ashana) Eliminates animosity, enemies

Triple Mantra 31 min. Walking meditation


Kauri Kriya 2x 31min meditations


Sacred Kiss


Good Company


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