5 Khands of Jap Jee

                                                   How to ascend to complete the purpose of human life

November 21st 2020

Saturday 11:30am - 1:30pm EST (NYC) via Zoom

Underwater for 3 days communing with the Infinite, Guru Nanak, received Samadhi in the form of Jap Jee!

What he received from his communion with the Creator was 38 Pauri's,  steps of  guidance of his Guru. Come and find out why it was not 40 steps that is commonly known in as Jap Jee. 

The 5 Khands of Jap Jee that we will study, are contained in Pauri 34 through 37. They give us direct instruction on how to ascend to complete the purpose of human life. They are five stages of spiritual life.

cost: $30

Thank you for the Kauri Kriya class. I enjoyed learning about the benefits this Kriya offers. I was asked to state clear intentions before the class & my goals were met. The Kriya offers a beautiful way to raise one’s vibration & start the day. I highly recommend it

Qurban Ananda Kaur 

Highlights of this course-oh my, it was all so good! I did love it all! It was a very special time for me where I could take a break and immerse myself in the experience of group consciousness, Gurbani Kirtan, Sangat!

Saranbir Kaur