For a long time I have been meditating on how I can serve you better with my newsletters.
I want to bring more light on mantra and sound current in general from the vast experience and knowledge I have. 
And then I thought of “Your Mantra Tool Kit” – in-depth series on mantra and shabad starting from A to Z.
This is what this email is about and today we are going to start with
Aap Sahaee Hoa or AAP SA- HA-EE HO-AA



The power of Prayer & why it works 


"Whatever the stars want, whatever the karma is, whatever the destiny is, whatever wrong is written in the destiny which must be endured: one prayer can change it all.

This is why psychics are no good..

This is why astrology, in spite of being a mathematical science, is no good.

That is why numerology , which I have mastered will not stand." Yogi Bhajan


“Guru’s ward” When your mind is tapped into the Guru and Guru’s words; then you are a ward of the Guru. God becomes your shield. Is there any miracle other than your prayer or your piety?

YB July 14th, 1986


For an insurmountable problem:

Do you feel you have an insurmountable problem? Do you need help overcoming adversity?


AAP SA- HA-EE HO-AA is a Shabad of the Guru which can cause your enemy  to melt as ice cream in the heat of the sun.




Recite this shabad in the Gurmukhi language eleven times a day to experience the power of it. Sing song it prayerfully  for a minimum of 40 days. Enjoy and understand the meaning of the translation.

You can find Aap Sahaee Hoa on these two albums:


Track 2 - Aap Saha-ee Ho-ah: Overcoming Addictions


Track 9 - Aap Sahaa-Ee Hoa-Ah (Removes Animosity) This is an abbreviated version with Har Har Har



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