We have all “made it” to this fabled and longed for AGE OF AQUARIUS.

I looked at the calendar and it is true. But where is the loving kindness
as predicted:

                    Love abounding,
                    Hearts open
                    Songs of peace sounding
                    While the Aquarian reality abounds inside us.

Looking for clues? What do you see? I see mostly CHALLENGE!
But with this challenge comes the GIFT of our meditative connection.
Today I share with you a daily meditation for opening the ‘TENTH GATE”. It is Kauri Kriya.  I do it to improve and strengthen my singing voice. Nice, right? 

Yet the flood of clarity and creativity that comes to me from doing this  meditation is a Wahe Guru, wow, Aquarian experience.  The effect stimulates the flow of your inner nectar from the flowering lotus opening of your Tenth Gate. Delivering expansion and enlarging awareness. I no longer feel confined by repetitive thoughts but linked up to a new awareness. Inspiration and light starts flowing through and I can DELIVER my Aquarian reality!

In May 1994 YB (Yogi Bhajan) said you have to: DELIVER!

The Picean age is ‘I want to know, I am searching’,
and Aquarian age is ‘I know, I am delivering’.”

Our lives and our world is filled with challenge. We love our lives we struggle in our lives: we are looking for answers and on this path we hear that we have to find the answers inside. 

 Stop your searching.
Download Kauri Kriya meditation practice tracks

Kauri Kriya Basic
Kauri Kriya Ascending and Descending
Join our virtual community and DELIVER yourself a big beautiful gift of Aquarian Consciousness.
We will start with 22 minutes each sitting, and increase your time to 31 minutes or even 62 minutes if you are having fun! Keep a meditation journal and make your entry immediately after. Reflect!
Share! and follow the path!!!!!

Please sign up if you want to be part of this challenge (click this link)


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