Whew! I’m back from my month-long tour in China and Taiwan.

Getting to perform songs from Meditate Forever was incredible — even with the obstacles.

One night, I performed without a singing voice. (At least, that’s how I felt.)

I was late to a show because of heavy traffic in Beijing. First time I did a concert with no sound check. Yikes!

When I asked where I could change money, the hotel receptionist said, “Breakfast is served from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.”

Life brings us challenges, but bringing the joy and power of my new album, Meditate Forever to The Republic of China, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China cities of Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai made it all worth it.

This album is a culmination of my decades of study, performing, and teaching the deep experience of meditative sound current called Naad.

My first objective was to introduce the one-thousand-year-old Raga framework for our Gurbani meditations. Like an ornate crystal-carved glass, it can vibrate the words with great depth of feeling. The opening prayer, Vilambat, is a taste of this system.

As you listen further, you’ll find the tracks singable and simple. The virtuoso violin of Sandipan Ganguly decorates many of the tracks with eloquent melodic passages, embellishing the vocals. These violin, Bansuri and Santoor improvisations have a way of staying with you even after the track is done.

This is where the “meditate forever” experience comes in: You’re no longer actively meditating, yet your mind continues the flow of the beautiful sounds.

Here are some of the highlights from the album:

  1. Second track. Song of bliss or Anand Bhai-aa, is the joyous exclamation of Guru Amar Das when he realized his dear friend Sidh Yogi took incarnation into the soul of his newly born grandson, Anand Singh. Superb violin solo.

  2. Third track: Triple mantra is a format from Yogi Bhajan as a walking meditation. It’s the perfect music for taking a walk in the park, skipping around your home or going to the Golden Temple.

  3. Fourth track: Wahe Guru is resonating tones of the crystal bowls of Ashana coupled with the deep sound of Waa-hay Guroo. Perfect for quieting your mind and holding you in nonstop bliss.

  4. Fifth track: Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur is so singable and decorated with brilliant vocal embellishments of Sirgun Kaur.

  5. Sixth track: Ajai Alai opens with the rich guitar improv of Simone Cello and proceeds with a vocal clarity sung slowly, deliberately creating an eternal groove into your meditative psyche.

  6. Seventh track: Ardas Bha-ee gives the feeling that you have achieved perfect fulfillment of your prayer.

I invite you to discover the rest of the album!

Listen to the new album for yourself and see what you find within yourself.

With this album, I invite you to vibrate your “inner conch,” to feel the flow of nectar of your inner thousand petal lotus.

Download your copy here.

Reply to this email to let me know how it made you feel!


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