My First Time at Golden Temple

My first experience with deep musical meditation was at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. I was only 22-years-old.   While my surroundings were beautiful, I was sick with dysentery. Running to and from the bathroom put me in a bad mood — and out of enjoying the Golden Temple itself. On top of that,…

Satkirin with family

Asia Tour

Satkirin Kaur

Satkirin Kaur on stage

Satkirin Kaur in Gurdwara


Naad Academy of Gurbani Kirtan Opens

Like many, you may have thought that the Aquarian Age would be all about love and peace and are possibly wondering what has gone wrong? Worry not. Challenges and strong winds blowing have been the consistent constants of the human experience. Yes, we have indeed entered this long awaited Aquarian Age but are also moving…