Bhand Jame-ai


Amazing Shabd. Heals Mother/Father Phobia. Brings grace and a shield of protection to the woman who chants this mantra with full focus. Also available on The Blessings of Woman album.

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Satkirin Kaur

So, how about that Kirtan class?

So, how about that Kirtan class? Today was the introductory class for our KIRTAN & HARMONIUM workshop here in New York city at HariNYC. It was wonderful to once again step into the space of teaching kirtan and some of my best students showing up.    I love how it all unfolds. Acknowledging the times are upon…

Have you listened to GOOD COMPANY yet?

Have you listened to GOOD COMPANY yet? At Summer Solstice 2012 in New Mexico, I released my new album called “GOOD COMPANY”. It is a compilation of shabds dear to my heart and I want the opportunity to share the uplifting experience of these shabds with YOU. It means a lot to me that you…


Good Company – Reflections On Satkirin’s Latest Release By Nadar Nihal Singh One thing that all people on the spiritual path thirst for is to be in the presence of beings who share their journey as well as those who are guides on the journey itself. Being in the Sadh Sangat, or Good Company, is…

Comfort Food for the Yogi

Comfort Food for the Yogi Monday after USA Thanksgiving holiday, New York Times newspaper ran a 2 page spread on ‘comfort foods’. What about comfort foods for us Yogi’s? Of the many wonderful yogic recipes I know, the favorites in my home are GARLIC BIG MAC and GOLDEN MILK. Garlic Big Mac is a winner…

November 2011

11-11-11 A PATTERN TO INFINITY Do you see patterns? Have you ever wondered about the patterns in the numbers of the world that surround you? Were you ever one of those kids who, for example, turned 8 years old on 8, 8, 1988 and then told every one you saw about this fact. Did those…

September & October 2011

MASCARA FOR THE AQUARIAN Ah, the radiant body! We use SHAKTI mantras for the radiant body to overcome depression and build self mastery. They are incredibly quick and effective. But what exactly is the Radiant Body? The Radiant Body is what Maybelline, People Magazine, Lady Gaga and the Alexander McQueens of the world have no desire to…