Wow the seasons are changing and that is a great inspiration to do something different. 

I am getting so much enjoyment from gorgeous landscape around me. The bright, golden, glistening leaves replacing the green ones give me inspiration to change my routine. It’s a way for Mother Nature to show us how to refresh our day to day experience. 
Maybe you can try a new recipe, meet up with a new friend, go check out a new hiking trail, drink yogi tea instead of coffee ๐Ÿ˜„. 

Today I am sharing with you story of Guru Nanak that illustrates how making a change in your life can open you up to new prosperity. 

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Please enjoy today’s story of Guru Nanak and the man in the mud hut……..
Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled extensively throughout his life teaching & healing people everywhere he could reach. In those early days, he traveled on foot with Mardana, a Muslim devotee. 

This Sakhi’s account describes Guru Nanak and Mardana meeting a very devoted, God conscious man, who’s home was simply a mud hut. No airbnb for those times.

It was normal for people to provide food and shelter for the Guru. This humble man, whom we will call ‘the Devotee’, accepted this rare chance to house the Guru for the night as a blessing. Although he had little to offer in the way of comfort or food, the Devotee prepared food for them with gratitude and love for Guru Nanak.

After eating a simple meal, (probably roti’s & salad), Guru Nanak asked Mardana to smash their plates. Mardana was shocked at the Guru’s request. However, the devotee simply replied, “It has been my gift to host you, please do whatever you wish with my plates.”

The next morning as Guru Nanak prepared to depart, the Devotee asked Guru Ji if he could walk together with them, spend a little more time in his darshan (company).
Guru Nanak welcomed the Devotee. But then Guruji said: “Mardana destroy the Devotee’s little mud hut.” 

Bhai Mardhana pleaded with the Guru not to do that but the Devotee spoke,
“It is my blessing to serve your will. Please do as you see needed.” 
Guru Nanak blessed the Devotee for his seva, and Mardana broke down the hut before departing.

Later when the Devotee returned to his plot where his home once stood, he saw a piece of his wall still remained. He considered Guru Nanak’s instruction a blessed hukam, and thus the Devotee began to remove the remaining piece of the wall. 

As the Devotee broke the last bit of the wall, he discovered that the ground collapsed into a deep pocket and there he saw a shiny ore. The humble devotee has been living on top of a gold mine!

The Devotee, already rich in spirit, received the unexpected gift of material support (richness) earned by his willingness to serve and surrender all expectation from the Master, Guru Nanak.

The beauty of Guru Nanak teachings are a gold mine and our next MASTER CLASS,  will be on Guru Nanak’s last 4 pauris of Jap Jee. Realizing your Destiny with 5 khands of Jap Jee.
Bountiful Blissful Beautiful Blessings to you,
Satkirin Kaur Khalsa ๐Ÿ˜˜


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