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Having a Tough Time? This Meditation Can Lift You.

At Khalsa Women’s Training Camp in 1983, Yogi Bhajan said this Shabad, the fifth track of my latest album, Meditate Forever, was the perfect forklift and Kundalini yoga meditation.  He also said, “In the first two lines, the entire secret of God and God’s experience is totally identified.” This meditation helped me during difficult times…

Q&A: The Joyful Triple Mantra Chant

Last week, you got to download my new 31-minute chant for free (which won’t last long — it goes back to full price this Thursday, so get it here). This is a beautiful, joyful chant I do every day on my walks. It’s a renewing, inspirational experience that gives me new ideas to share with you….

I Recorded This Just for You

Last Sunday, I was returning home on a flight from West Palm Beach to Albuquerque. I had a layover on the way back from promoting my latest album, Meditate Forever (which you can download here). As I waited to board the plane, I saw a sad-looking young woman with her head down. I recognized this posture from…

The Walking Meditation That Will Change Your Life

You’ve probably heard about getting “good karma.”  But what does that mean? And where can you get it? Karma is what comes back to us based on our actions.  It can be good. It can be bad. Or so-so. Karma can even come to us when we’re on a walk, especially if that walkis set to beautiful music….

My First Time at Golden Temple

My first experience with deep musical meditation was at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. I was only 22-years-old.   While my surroundings were beautiful, I was sick with dysentery. Running to and from the bathroom put me in a bad mood — and out of enjoying the Golden Temple itself. On top of that,…