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Want to introduce someone to kirtan? This is the CD. With its preponderance of English, this latest album from Satkirin surges with originality. And with its abundance of straight-up rhythmic pieces, it renders passive foot-tapping obsolete, compelling you to stand up and dance for joy. Many tracks on Sacred Kiss can be traced back to the simple songs shared by Yogi Bhajan in the 1970s, and Satkrin was there to learn them, sing them, and bring them to us in this remarkable collection. The Marriage Song, the Mean Man song, a poem to Yogi Bhajan, even a song for kids. Some tracks are coupled with mantras, while others are sung in both English and the sacred Gurmukhi. To boot, Satkirin & Co. managed to squeeze in an amazing Guru Ram Das chant and a full recitation of Sopurkh. Musically, this album blends eastern and western instrumentation, creating a vast world of spaciousness. Listening to it, you’ll wonder if you’re in the Wild West of America or Asia. Picture Genghis Khan and John Wayne riding across the sandy desert of life, and you’ll understand why Satkirin has described Sacred Kiss as “the most enjoyable CD I’ve ever made… it’s just plain fun.”
Spirit Voyage
This is the prayer of this age for deepening your heart’s relationship to your own soul and its power. Written by Guru Ram Das the saint of India that discovered the healing water that now surrounds the famous Golden Temple of the Sikhs. The words have a power to fulfill yourself within your spirit and fulfill those you pray for. When faced with challenging relationships it can clear and elevate the individuals. It has a special relationship for women and can help clear the arc line from past mistakes.

The words are recited by Satkirin and her son Gurumustuk Singh so you hear a beautful resonance of the male and female. Then it is backed up with a very exquisite Sitar to create relaxing soothing container for the recitation. Enjoy it while sleeping or recite along 11 times.

Shabd Spirit Voyage
This one song is so powerful for guiding women to their power through NOBILITY. Remixed from the CD: BLESSINGS OF A WOMAN and recorded in Santiago, Chile in January, 2010 after the Kundalini Yoga Festival there. It is a full 10.05 minutes with added vocals for a beautifully embellished, already most popular track.
The words were spoken by Yogi Bhajan at his lecture to the woman at Khalsa Womens’ Training Camp in the summer of 1978. Khalsa women have been singing this song ever since then.
The original mix was provided by Thomas Barquee with remix by Carlos Fernandes, translation by Carlos and Sat Shabd Singh of Santiago, Chile.

El nuevo CD single en español se titula: LA MUJER NOBLE (Noble Woman). Esta canción es MUY poderosa para orientar a las mujeres a su poder a través de la NOBLEZA. Remezclado desde el CD: BENDICIONES DE UNA MUJER y grabado en Santiago de Chile en enero de 2010 después del Festival de Kundalini Yoga de allí. Se trata de un total de 10,05 minutos donde se agregaron voces, a un tema ya muy popular, bellamente adornadas. La mezcla original fue proporcionada por Thomas Barquee con la remezcla de Carlos Fernandez (“Guru” Sat Shabd Singh) , traducción de por Carlos y Sat Shabd Singh, de Santiago de Chile.
voces: por Satkirin, Gurubir, Amrit Kirtan y Carlos
Texto original como lo dio Yogi Bhajan en el Campo Entrenamiento De Mujeres Khalsa en Julio de 1978

Shabd Spirit Voyage
Blessings of a Woman
by Satkirin
We are very grateful to our dear friend Sat Kirin Kaur of New York City who has delivered to the planet another beautiful and uplifting album. Produced by sacred music genius Thomas Barquee, Blessings of a Woman touches me deeply every time I listen to it. I particularly enjoy how the Mantras and Shabds are supported by a wonderful array of styles and sounds including bossa, reggae and raga. I love her version of Aad Guray Nameh which has both the Gurmukhi Mantra and a lovely English translation of the Mantra. Guru Ganesha Singh Khalsa
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Ignite Your Light: Musical Meditation for Beginners
You will evolve when you meditate! Three of the seven tracks on this CD can be used for meditation. Directions for each meditation are listed inside, including a “tune-in” chant and a closing prayer. Let yourself be guided by the power and beauty of the vocals and the exacting rhythms of the music.
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Mantra Series: Ajai Alai
Ajai Alai is an upbeat rhythmic remix (from JAAP CD) with a lecture of Yogi Bhajan. It follows the tradition of Mangala Charan, Chatara and Jaap in its intensity. His talk on surrender to the GIVER is interspersed with the sweet chant framed in 62 minute hip hop montage to delight the listeners.
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Mantra Series: Jaap Sahib – Gobinday Mukunday & Ajai Alai
Music by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa with Thomas Barquee, featuring a lecture by Yogi Bhajan. Fun, upbeat and empowering! Jaap is the new meditation CD from Satkirin’s Matra Series for Personal Mastery. Entracing and powerful, yet sweet and gentle, these mantras are another masterfully woven mixture of beautiful sounds.
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Mantra Series: Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahi
Music with Satkirin Kaur Khalsa with Thomas Barquee and comments spoken by the master of Yogi Bhajan. This album contains 11 recitations of the Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahib including English translation. It features the transforming sound of the voice of Yogi Bhajan commenting on this personal prayer of Guru Gobind Singh to God.
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Mantra Series: Guru Guru Wahe Guru
Music by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa with Thomas Barquee, and comments spoken by the master Yogi Bhajan. A 66 minute mediation on the mantra of Guru Ram Das. Delicately laced with Indian classical violin and esraaj. This is THE mantra of protection and mastery.

Spirit Voyage

Mantra Series: Chatara Chakara Vartee
Music by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa with Thomas Barquee, and comments spoken by the master Yogi Bhajan. A 62 minute play of the mantra for overcoming fear, anxiety and depression. The fast rythym of the tabla and dholak is penetrating. The words of Yogi Bhajan are heard every 3 minutes as an affirmation that drives you deeply into your experience.

Spirit Voyage

Lightness of Being
The deeply devotional voice of Satkirin’s fusion rendered mantras embillished with the artistry of Thomas Barquee, Zoran and the World Class Musicians of Om Studio in Calcutta give us this delightful and uplifting meditative experience. This compelling chant album contains soothing songs with violin and esraj, soaring sounds of Bansuri flute, and lively Indian rhythms.
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Universal Mantra
Universal Mantra is a deeply devotional and moving collection of mantras for Kundalini Yoga. Satkirin’s rich voice is accompanied by a beautiful medley of instruments from around the world.
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Universal Prayer
This album is a collection of 6 Shabds or spiritual songs from Guru Nanak; the spiritual masters who elevated themselves and LIVED in mastery and liberation. There are 5 chants or mantras that are woven into the Shabds to give the listener a simple opportunity to sing along. These mantras are from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The arrangements are from the musical genius of Thomas Barquee who is truly a channel of the spiritual realm of music.
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Se So Hung
Mantra to heal self and others. Sit in easy pose, elbow in snug by the sides of the ribs, forearms against the uppoer arms, fingers together and pulled down and out so that the palms are parallel with and facing the ceiling. Close your eyes nine-tenths. To heal yourself image a glowing light around yourself as you meditate, or to heal someone else, imagine that same light around them.
Spirit Voyage
Melody & Majesty
This musical anthology is a very special collection of morning mantras sung by Satkirin. The sound of her voice is a mixture of sweetness and brilliance, arranged & accompanied by master musicians of India. The power of the Gurbani is felt through her very clear and accurate pronunciation.
Melody & Majestry

Spirit Voyage

Shabd I
Shabd: From Sikh Scripture, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib. This is a collection of spiritual inspirations of the One Creator spoken by 7 Sikh Gurus, and 33 Hindu, Muslim and Sufi Saints, from the 11th to the 17th centuries. These writings were collected by Guru Arjun Dev, the 5th Sikh Guru.
Shabd Spirit Voyage
Shabd II
This music is in the Classical North Indian music system Raag set to the powerful meditative sytem of words called “Shabd”. Shabd and Raag combined together give us a powerful system of notes, scales and words that give the listener an expanded experience of self. In this or, the masterful use of sound and rhythm combined with the words of “Shabd ” give the listener the impact of the song as a meditation or prayer.
Shabd Spirit Voyage