Guide Your Life Through Kirtan

Module 3 "Five Days and Five Ways to Master Challenges of Life" starts September 26th

Guide Your Life Through Kirtan is a 2 year certification program with Master Trainer Satkirin Kaur Khalsa

Module #3: Five Days and Five Ways to Conquer Challenges of Life

September 26th - October 24th 2020

Saturdays at 11:30am EST (New York time) via Zoom

  • Class#1: Praan Sutra - passage into and out of this life
  • Class#2: Chatara Chakara Varatee, Gobinday Mukunday, Ajai Alai - Shakti Mantra
  • Class#3: Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-ah -overcoming adversity
  • Class#4: Jai Tay Gang - turning negativity into positivity
  • Class # 5: Triple Mantra - clears Karma

module #3 cost: $125

Guide Your Life Through Kirtan is composed of 11 modules.

In 11 modules you will immerse yourself into a profound experience of Naad and Shabad Kirtan by integrating 6 fundamental components: rhythm, pronunciation, vocal training, breath, meaning, and personal healing


  • Learn to practice and apply this musical meditation pathway to elevate and guide your life
  • Master and understand the depth of the sound current
  • Teach these ancient and powerful techniques and fulfill yourself through sharing the joy and harmony it brings to your life with others.

Schedule for Guide Your Life Through Kirtan:

#1 Origins of Gurbani Kirtan was offered May - offered in June 2020

# 2 Jumpstart Your Vocals Through Kauri Kriya - 0ffered in July 2020

#3 Five Days & Five Ways to Conquer Challenges of Life - coming up

This training is available to all for personal healing and enrichment, or as a teacher training program.

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the kirtan class. Practicing provides a much needed opportunity to slow down and turn inward. In addition, working with mantras out loud is something I have rarely done - even in group settings. I am finally getting used to my voice!

G. Garner

Highlights of this course-oh my, it was all so good! I did love it all! It was a very special time for me where I could take a break and immerse myself in the experience of group consciousness, Gurbani Kirtan, Sangat!

Saranbir Kaur

Thank you for the Kauri Kriya class. I enjoyed learning about the benefits this Kriya offers. I was asked to state clear intentions before the class & my goals were met. The Kriya offers a beautiful way to raise one’s vibration & start the day. I highly recommend it

Qurban Ananda Kaur 

I had been eager to learn Kauri Kriya for years but could never find any ease in the practice. So I was excited to find out about this course!  It was a wonderful experience - Satkirin has created a way to teach this challenging kriya very effectively. I truly enjoyed the course - though it was virtual,  it still gave a sense of true community. Satkirin gave the class helpful tools and was very supportive throughout.  I feel empowered to be able to teach this fantastic kriya now too!  Practicing this kriya has helped improve my communication.

Kirtan Kaur

Who is this course for?

Kundalini Yoga teachers, Kundalini yoga students, lovers and enthusiasts of Kirtan, therapists and healers.

Certification for teaching is available through a personal meeting and the completion of the exam.

module #3 cost: $125