Satnam dear ones, 

Our topic for this blog is recognizing when you are in ‘Shakti Pad.’ 

YB said about Shakti Pad: ‘It is a challenge for every human on a spiritual quest that one must conquer’. 
One might say that getting through Shakti Pad is like graduating from College. Either you graduate or you don’t.

The moment you start doubting and feeling angry enough to insult what you are doing, you are entering Shakti Pad.

Shakti Pad is a mental space.  Your ego takes over your mind and your reverence disappears. 
The first sign of Shakti Pad is that you disbelieve your own belief. 
The second is you become angry and abusive.
Third, you want to leave and then comes the internal fight. 

Either the duality eats you up, or you handle it through prayer, and then it leaves you. You win! Let’s win and not be consumed.

Have you experienced this? The challenge is that we all have to go through this on our spiritual path. 

Please note, people who do leave, eventually will start slandering. Because one who departs in Shakti Pad leaves because of the ego. 

Ego brings anger and pain.
Anger brings slander. 
Those filled with anger, want to bring everyone down along with them.
Misery loves company.

Even though you may have had many beautiful years of devotion, all your good work will be eaten up; wiped out.  
“That’s the law, it is a law of nature..” YB

I once asked  Yogi Bhajan whether the mantra “Ardas Bha-ee…..” can help people not to suffer through Shakti Pad? He said:

“Yes. that is the meditation that we do. We are virtually praying all the time. My prayer is: ‘God, you have given them the destiny, let them fulfill it. Why do they have to go again into another cycle? Be merciful”   
Yogi Bhajan July 5, 1984, The Excellence of Woman.

Fall into prayer. Uplift, exalt and live to light the path for yourself and others.  Sing the Shabads of praise and build a base of Human excellence in yourself. So all that you meet can feel happiness.

Here is the prayer mantra to sing:

When you sing it, your mind body and soul combine without even saying what you want.
Your life is adjusted according to your needs. This is the beauty and power of this prayer

Sing along with this prayer with Satkirin:
– mantra track # 8 on Meditate Forever – Album


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