Last Sunday, I was returning home on a flight from West Palm Beach to Albuquerque. I had a layover on the way back from promoting my latest album, Meditate Forever (which you can download here).

As I waited to board the plane, I saw a sad-looking young woman with her head down. I recognized this posture from my first days in New York City when I felt isolated and overwhelmed, and Yogi Ji would say, “Pick up your head!”

I smiled, something I do in airports to put people at ease, especially me. 

But she wasn’t looking at me and couldn’t benefit from my smile.

I proceeded to my comfy window seat and, after organizing my books and earbuds, anticipated the arrival of the unpopular middle seat occupant. 

Would it be a brawny guy overflowing in his seat?

A slim elderly woman noisily opening a pack of crackers for an hour?

None of the above: It was the sad-looking young woman. 

To my surprise, she turned my way and said, “Are you a Sikh?”

I nodded. Then she shared that in 2001, she had visited The Golden Temple in India. It was a wonderful time in her life. But life was different now: She was getting divorced and work was stressful.

“What do you do?” she asked.

“I teach singing meditation and just finished a wonderful teaching tour in China,” I said.

She paused. “I’d love to learn meditation.”

Bingo! I showed her the one-minute breath, a subtle, invisible meditation for calming yourself and balancing emotions. She loved it.

The smile came to her face and I said, “I recorded a new singing meditation album just for you.”

I showed her the Meditate Forever tracklist. She loved two of the tracks in particular, adding, “I can really use these. Can I meditate lying down? I’m always tired.”

These tracks were:

Track #4 ‘Wahe Guru’ to lift you out of depression.

Track #9 ‘Aap Sahha-ee Hoah’ to remove animosity and fulfill you.

No need to get on a long flight to try out these meditations. You can do them right now at home.

Lie down, relax, let the breath slow. Allow the rhythms of Gurmukhi words guide your mind flow.

Download the full album here.


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