Kauri Kriya Course

Independent study course to help you reach your vocal mastery.

 If you love singing, teaching, meditating or just clearly communicating,

Satkirin and the staff at Naad Academy offers training to accomplish these goals.

This is a professional training course on power of your voice based on study of "Kauri Kriya"  approved by KRI*. 

Full Course Contents

This is Master course on Kauri Kriya with all necessary information that you will need.

  • 6 instructional video files including vocal warm ups
  • 2 Kauri Kriya music tracks (one of A# and one in sliding scale)
  • beautifully designed brochure that explains the mantra, how to use it along with Yogi Bhajan quotes
  • Kauri Kriya diagram chart to use with meditation and classes

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the kirtan class. Practicing provides a much needed opportunity to slow down and turn inward. In addition, working with mantras out loud is something I have rarely done - even in group settings. I am finally getting used to my voice!

G. Garner

I enjoyed the in-workshop practice, learning of mantras, the stories of Sikh Gurus and her sharing unreservedly on personal spiritual growth, which I found them imperative to deepen our understanding of Kundalini for spiritual fitness. It’s not just about Naad but a learning of a living art.

Gian Shakti Kaur

Thank you so much for this beautiful message and uplifting and healing song! I’ve been listening to it on repeat since I received the email and it completely changed everything for the better! Thank you!

T. Martin

Sat Nam and Thank you, Bless You for this wonderful Gift of your making this course available for us to purchase! I just finished practicing it with your videos and feel so very blessed!

S. Berger

Course materials include 6 pre-recorded videos, 2 music tracks and pdf brochure with detailed instructions and YB comments.

Price $85