Creative Power of Sound

with Kauri Kriya

Video online course on Kauri Kriya

Your words have power to create or destroy your dreams

Learn to control and use the subtleties of your vocal cords.

"Kauri Kriya will tune you into the Unknown. The first twelve sounds, Siri Sargam, are the end of everything. They will bring melody, verbalization and power. Whatever effect you want will happen on your word." Yogi Bhajan

Full Course Contents

This is Master course on Kauri Kriya with all necessary information that you will need.

  • 6 video files recorded from a live workshop
  • 30 minutes of vocal warm ups
  • 2 Kauri Kriya music tracks (one of A# and one in sliding scale) that have never been released before
  • beautifully designed brochure that explains the mantra, how to use it along with Yogi Bhajan quotes
  • Live hour long webinar to answer all your questions

As someone who struggled whole life with control over my vocal cords, this workshop was truly enlightening for me. I learned the important aspects of communication beyond words through kauri kriya practice, I was able to gain control over more finer points of my expression. Thank you Satkirin

Zita Harkaran Vasilisinova
Zita Harkaran Vasilisinova Brooklyn, New York

I enjoyed the in-workshop practice, learning of mantras, the stories of Sikh Gurus and her sharing unreservedly on personal spiritual growth, which I found them imperative to deepen our understanding of Kundalini for spiritual fitness. It’s not just about Naad but a learning of a living art.

Gian Shakti Kaur
Gian Shakti Kaur Shanghai, China

Price $85

This is an at home self-study course about everything Kauri Kriya. This kriya is not widely known or practiced. Learn it, use it, chant it with others. This course is for teachers, singers and anyone who wants to learn to use their voice to effectively penetrate.