Welcome to Kauri Kriya Workshop + "Meditate Forever CD"

This Kriya will balance the Earth and Ether components of your being. Kauri Kriya is of Saraswati who is the goddess of Naad of the world.

To take the full advantage of this course, find 1 and 1/2 hour in your day, just as if you were going to attend the workshop. Your ability to absorb the information presented here is directly correlated to the attention you are able to invest in this course.

Tune in and start watching videos in order. Once you finish the video "Vocal Warm ups...", you can turn on the music track. Go with "kauri kriya in A#" version first after that you can try the second version.

You can download both Kauri Kriya tracks into your phone and use them for your daily practice (if you feel inspired) or whenever you need to tune in to the subtleties of life or want to gain greater control of your words.

A vast musical expression of simplified sound patterns for peace of mind.

The musical artistry of each world class musician ( from Om studio in Calcutta to Zen Studio in Los Angeles) decorates and illustrates beauty and ecstasy through the merging of East Indian musicians, Raga, & western classical singers. 

It includes mantras like: Ajai Alai, Triple Mantra, Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru, Ardas Bhai-Ei, Aap Sahaa-Ee Hoa-Ah.


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