Lessons of Life with Kirtan 
with a S.S. Satkirin Kaur Khalsa
English and Spanish Online Workshop 

Saturdays 11am EST (New York and Chile)

May 23rd 2020

The course is designed to help you understand the lessons of life of a devotee through the shabads of the Guru Guides.  

Lessons of Life through Kirtan is 7 session online course via Zoom.  Every session will be an hour and a half class and it will be recorded.


Class #1 – May 23rd: The Birth of Gurbani Kirtan on planet Earth & Guru Nanak   

Shabad: Mool Mantra & a Pauri of Jap Jee of class choice 

Class #2 – May 30th: A Spiritual Lifestyle evolves – Guru Chela relationship Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das,

Shabad Title: Kundalini Surjee Sat Sangat 

Class #3 – June 6th: The Life of Guru Ram Das & Evolution of the Nectar Tank 

Shabad Title: Ram Das Sarovar Naatay 

Class #4 – June 13th: Golden Temple  & value of Spiritual challenge, Guru Arjan Dev

Shabad: Shabad Hazaaey aka Mera Man Loche 

Class #5 – June 20th: Guru’s Light continues- consciousness of 6,7,8,9 

Shabad: Gur Sat Gur Ka jo 

Class # 6 – June 27th: Bhakti to Shakti,  Transformation through Guru Gobind Singh

Shabad: Jai te gang…& Chattara Chakara 

Class #7 – July 4th: Gurbani grows in Western Hemisphere, Yogi Bhajan teaches KY

Shabad: Re Man eh Bidh Jog Ka-maa-o  

Home work:

  •   Each class meeting you will be given a shabad to learn and possibly sing for meditation
  •    Some classes will include a short composition on the topic given.
  •    Quizzes will be incorporated at the beginning of each class: for fun 

Start date: May 23rd
The online classes will be every Saturday at 11am (NYC and Chile) via Zoom.
Price: 85 US$

Registration or more information for Spanish speakers please contact Charansev Kaur charansevk@gmail.com


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