Today I want offer you 2 gifts for this holiday season. One is a free track and another one is friendly Q and A with me on zoom. More info below. 

Covid 19 came to our doors, and the “normal activities” that filled our lives are no longer available. 

 Thank God I have internet service and a computer. And thank God that I can be with you through my Zoom classes and online kirtans and gurudwara. 

Isn’t life much more than figuring out how to keep safe, socially distance and choose a mask to match your today’s outfit? 
I believe the challenges we face today are opportunities to establish a strong and secure base within ourselves.  

Yes. We can do this!…….Right now?…..Yes! 
Join me and sing “Aap gavaaee-ai” from Sacred Kiss album. 
This track is my GIFT to you which you can download for FREE

We begin meditating on Gurumukhi for 4.5 minutes.
The mantra is:
“Aap ga-vaa-ee-ai,  Taa So Paa-ee-ai,  Ora ka-see Cha-tu- raa-ee.”

Next, we sing these English words for guidance. 

The effect of this meditation is instantaneous.
Let these words lift you above the thoughts of your jabbering mind.
Let these words guide you with wisdom to float above the unstable world.

Aap gavaaee-ai is track #4 on Sacred Kiss album


December 19th 2020 – Saturday
9:30am – 10:30am (MDT)
Zoom (free)

A complimentary ZOOM event. It is my holiday gift for you to and a chance to ask about my journey on this path. 
Register in advance for this meeting.
Class will be recorded.


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