Bhand Jamee-ai: Shield of Protection and to heal phobias
Shall we agree that life is a gift?
If so, we have an opportunity to creatively nurture, embellish and protect this life and the
lives and spirits of our children. This task should be of the most importance.
Yogi Bhajan called this the ‘mother psyche’.
To be the container for creation of a new life is something very special. But giving
birth is only the beginning. The infant comes into this life and is helpless and merged with the mother’s identity. It needs mother’s presence like it needs her milk.
But for many mothers this becomes impossible due to demands of the society. Many mothers have to, or chose to, return to work. They become full time providers and part time mothers; playing too many roles and working too many hours.
Or a new trend is to discard the father in the arrangement and just do it all alone. No family unit. Thus the child grows up not clear about their self and unclear about many things. Could be a mother phobia, a father phobia and many other things to cloud the identity.
Then there is the nurturing of your own life, your own identity, and your own healing from the trauma’s and disappointments of childhood.
Guru Nanak, who wrote the Jap Jee, also wrote “Bhand Jamee-ai” composition to heal the indignities that have been thrust upon the grace of the woman and subsequently to heal the indignities from childhood as a result of that.
“Bhand Jamee-ai Bhand ni-mee-ai, bhand manga-na vee-aa-ho”
Notes on pronunciation:
Please note that the ‘Bh’ in Bhand is a falling tone kind of ‘B’ sound.
And the ‘d’ at the end of the word ‘Bhand’ is with the tongue curled up and
touching the roof of the cave of the upper palate. A very different type of ‘d”.
“Bhand Jamee-ai” is for radiance, balance and realizing the power of your God given intuition.
It was written by the great 15th century master Guru Nanak Dev ji. It has the power
to sooth every pain in the life of the woman.
Creating a shield of protection so no indignities can come to you.
It can heal any man or woman’s parental phobias from childhood.
It can heal all indignities of the past and present.
And it can seal your grace at any moment!
“For centuries man has been playing the game of control over woman. Now
woman has started playing the game of control over man. What are you going to
get out of this control? Nothing! It is not worth it. It has never been worth it.
Understand, whatever you control you must carry it. Under that weight you will
die.” -Yogi Bhajan


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