Sometimes life does not go according to a plan. You are in the middle of studying, climbing that career ladder or getting your first house and all of sudden, bam, a curve ball that you did not expect comes out of the left field and disturbs your whole life. 
All that you can think of is to ask for miracles because you with your limited human eyes and perception, just can’t perceive how to get out of this situation. 
Guru Ram Das is just that kind of frequency. He has promised to be here for us when we need help and miracles. 
Today’s mantra is Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru
Creates miracles of transformation is any situation of life. 
“Chanting this mantra makes the impossible become possible, including problems in love, relationships, prosperity, health, healing, or any challenges or difficulties. In times of tragedy there is one mantra, the miracles mantra which lives in the realm of the heart and operates on a frequency beyond comprehension. This mantra brings in the miraculous frequency of Guru Ram Das who is known as the Lord of Miracles”
You can get it on my Meditate Forever album or I have also created 62 minute version.


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