Satnam dear ones,
Today I want to share with you a personal message send to you as one infinite soul to another. 

Have you occasionally reflected or mused “What did I come into this life to do?”
When I was in college & graduate school this thought came often to my mind. It was a bit more than, “what job am I training for”, yet that was on my mind as well.

I definitely felt a deeper calling that was defined by the famous philosopher and spiritual words of Carl Jung as ‘the fulfillment of the human being is, a relationship with one’s deeper self, called the soul’. That stuck with me as a longing.

Fortunately for me, after searching here and there doing relief work in Asia, my puzzled self was guided to a Kundalini Yoga class in 1970 *(with my brother Lenny, and near my Mom’s home in Philadelphia). Now that class (no idea who was the teacher) was really an amazing experience. One class took me deeply onto the track of learning yoga & meditation. This was a step closer to answering my reflection on what to do with my life. 

Three years later, (1973) I was inspired to visit the Golden Temple on a small Yatra with Bibi ji and a few teacher’s wives, to do a 40 day seva there. I had seen a few pictures of the Golden Temple and I really felt a deep attraction to visit.

On my last day at the Golden Temple I was inspired to participate in the Khalsa Amrit Sanchar. It was not so impactful for me. But!!!! afterwards Bhai Sahib Dyal Singh (he was my kindly escort) and I went inside the GT to bow. Easier entry in those days, as the line was quite short.

We bowed and then pushed our way out through the crowd and stood on the Darshani Deori. 

As I stood there in view of the nectar tank, GT, and Akal Takhat,
I witnessed a movement of the heavens as the entire solar system appeared to be rotating around the Golden Temple! The swirling of all the planets created a clear vision of the cosmic window into the ethers . Heavens, conjoining ‘inner space’ and ‘outer space’ in conjunction. A most remarkable, and highly spiritual experience ever, for me. As I looked into the vastness, I saw my life and the answer came…….” be a woman of God, this is enough!!! 

Through the years that followed I experienced many wonderful moments, as well as betrayals and immense challenges. That experience gave me a huge window of how the soul works. The Kirtan of the Golden Temple, the words of the Guru, would always be there to carry me across the angry sea of life to my soul, to live as a woman of God, to merge back into the One.

I share these words with you to help you understand the Guru’s guidance in the words of the 2 shabads that I am sharing here with you. Perhaps you can get a glimpse of your life and how the words actually speak directly to your soul, to embellish your soul. So you can steer away from the limitations of the flow of your thoughts. Thoughts, like doubts, fear, apprehension that will restrict your life rather than give you joy.

And I wish you a life of great joy and fulfillment. Free from tension and disappointment, fear and anger.

In honor of Charanjeet Kaur’s 14th birthday I share these words of wisdom to bring you into contact with your soul, I share these words that actually speak the language of the soul. May you find the fulfillment for which this breath and life and beautiful body were given to you.

In gratitude to you, I bow with love, your Mata, Ama, Satkirin Kaur Khalsa ji,


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