Last week while singing together in group Aquarian Sadhana, I was reflecting on the words of last weeks Shabad: “Aap Sa-Haa- ee Ho-aa…” I was reciting the Shabad and wondering, why would I want anyone to melt like ice creme in the sun? 


Do I want to defeat this person? No. Do I want to harm this person? No. After a moment the #clarity came through. (Nice to be in Group Sadhana where the group energy accelerates breaking with the false thinking of the ego.)


The thought was; ‘lets be careful and consider the intention here’. Life may mirror crazy fantasies about inconvenient people but this incarnation is not a computer game. This life is a very important gift to cherish and use for the #good of all.


At that moment it became apparent that even thinking negative thoughts about a disappointment from an  individual only fuels negativity. Why squander the gift of this incarnation to the monkey mind. Remember, the mind was given to serve the soul, not vice versa. Monkey mind = EGO


The Shabad Guru, cuts the ego and it is our text book for this Mantra Tool Kit. The words of the Guru speak to the subconscious mind to bring wisdom.

It uses metaphors  and illustrations of the ego as; the 5 thieves, or 5 highway robbers, or 5 gossiping sisters.


Did I catch you, or myself in the process of snuffing out my 'true light’, my Sat Nam? 


Do you recall getting angry, red in the face, bossy, irritated or self absorbed and conflicted. Never, right?! Yet, a very viable intuitive connection has been sabotaged. Concluding here that this exactly why we all love the Mantra’s and the Naad of the Shabad Guru. We love to be free of our ego and live in the clarity of our own LIGHT!

Builds Unwavering Devotion in any Relationship 

You can find this beautiful shabd on this album:

8. Mu Laalan Sio: Prosperity W/ong Namo For Guidence



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