When I look back at last 10 years and yes, it has only been 10 years, when social media channels were looking young and oh so innocent.
When I was only getting emails and texts and didn’t have my conversations spread out over IG messenger, FB messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, Twitter, Facetime, Skype, Zoom,…It was the time, when we believed in the integrity of our media and didn’t use the term misinformation.

Now, when I look forward into the new decade we are all diving into, there is only one idea that I am being called to integrate fully into my life.
And that’s the quality of INTUITION

Intuition is the fastest working form of intelligence we have available. Intuition is not instinctual response or the gut brain.
“Some people act impulsively and call it intuition. Intuition is never impulsive.
Intuition is a calculated, overall, conscious activity.” Yogi Bhajan

Intuition is a sophisticated mechanism that requires training, tuning and most of all, it requires your ability to listen.

With this message I would like to invite you once again to join us for our Meditation Challenge. We start 1/1/2020.
Power into this season of transformation with Guru Gobind Singh’s mantras.


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