Blessings of a Woman


This exceptional yoga-chant music CD, contains a mix of upbeat world rhythms, Indian Sitar, Latin guitar and persussion, all merged with tranquilizing vocals for soothing the mind for play during yoga class and also for deep relaxation.



This exceptional yoga-chant music CD, contains a mix of upbeat world rhythms, Indian Sitar, Latin guitar and persussion, all merged with tranquilizing vocals for soothing the mind for play during yoga class and also for deep relaxation.

1 – Power of a Mother’s Prayer- Amrit Peevo
2 – Living Your Truth-nobility
3 – Feeling the Bliss of Your Soul- Wahe Guru Jio
4 – Meditation for a Wise Heart- Aad Guray Nameh
5 – Meditation to Remove Fear- Akaal Sahaee, Hari Har
6 – Meditation to Feel Supported-gobinda…. Gobindah
7 – From a Woman Man Is Born-bhand Jamee-ai
8 – Raga Mala for Mother Earth-ambient Relaxation Music

For 3 1/2 decades I had the guidance of Yogi Bhajan turning us former hippies into very wise and elevated individuals. He started in 1969 drumming into us women the power of our grace. He said that that an elevated woman was 16 times more powerful than a man, and she set the values of society as the first teacher of her children.
He gave us songs that described the values of a Noble Woman. He gave us meditations to help
us with our insecurities, shabds to uplift us in our marriages, songs to guide our children and to take away mother/father phobia and he taught us to use the power of prayer.

I witnessed so many marriages, counseling sessions and the lives of couples that were impacted by Yogi Bhajan. Most of all I experienced how the power of the mantra’s, shabds and songs impacted my life, my marriage and my children.

For so many years I had the longing to record all this for woman to use. I had many friends who were asking for this music. At the time I said it was a project that needed financing and when they found it we could proceed. Well, after years of contemplating the work and its possibilities, I began traveling and singing and teaching
internationally. So many of my friends were ladies that sang and expressed a very deep comittment to their soul through their music.

As time passed I became so aware of the many blessings of my life, my marriage, my sons’ my grandchildren.You see, I had incorporated meditating on these mantras/shabds as tools. I became very skilled on relying on the use of singing these meditative formulas for my womanly success. Do not think that I had it easy. I went through major challenges like betrayals, divorces, seperation but came through it all with a deep faith in the power of prayer because it worked! I understood that women have the power to be 16 times greater than a man to complement the communication challenges of marriage. Confrinting and competing with a man does not work. You may find temporary success but at some point the you will find a diminishing of the spiritual aptitude and the marriage failing.

Then the mother is the first teacher of the children. Children are not our clones or possessions, they are gifts to be nurtured trained and taught the true values of life, And having a Dharma or spiritual path to walk on with guidelines and support is the basis.

So, in the fall of 2007 I started composing the music to record. I prayed and put out the word for funding. I called Thomas Barquee in LA who is a wonderful producer and a very dear friend and collegue on the spiritual path. We discussed the project and I was glad to confirm and
understood his great respect for spirit and the power of the feminine. For years Thomas has been the producer of choice for many SIKH artists. We had worked on 10 albums together and had seen a lot of each other’s lives.
Thomas Barquee for me was the most tuned in producer anywhere. I could not have asked for a better musician a
more talented arrranger or a better friend to host the process of making this concept become a CD.

The funding finally came and we started working end of May 2008. Composing and recomposing the melodies. Bringing in
some of my friends and students who are very gifted singers was part of my formula. This would not be a solo album but
a group energy for enlarging the impact of the prayer. Then bringing my experience of the penetrating power of Indian Raga to the mix we hire the world class musicians of Studio Om in Calcutta, India to improvise with our arrangements. Another 6 months of work and re-assessing, and recomposing until we had reached our goal for this music for empowering and guiding woman to be elevated, empowered mothers and wives and sisters to each other.

My very dear father had the insight to back the project financially and so I thank him and honor him for his service
and for his confidence in me.

There are many woman who shared in this project. Savitri Kaur of Boston worked on the copy and edited all the written material. Her insight into the presentation of the product was utilized and given freely at many days and nights of concern. Taran Taran Kaur, author of many books for women in English and German was a great support in fulfilling
the project. She was always ready to give tips on meditations and applications for the Shabds. Hari Kaur of New York was another inspiring woman, author of books on Yoga meditation for woman that lent her expertise on the Gobinda meditation for overcoming insecurity.

My dear sweet Guru Bir Kaur of LA who sings so beautifully and lent her harmonies vibrating with creativity and promise.Dear dear Amrit Kirtan Kaur, a fellow Sikh Mom and angelic vocalist who brought her depth of experience and light. Fiona Aboud my dear photographer friend from Brasil who has the most refreshing eye for composition and the most whimsical attitude for life.

Arvind Singh my graphic designer was a very steady and insightful design specialist with gifts galore and a loving disposition.

And then, deeply I express my gratitude to Yogi Bhajan ji who stood by me for decades. He carried me firmly to the the power of all powers, the word of the Shabd Guru. I dedicate this music to all woman to live to your highest destiny. May you live the fulfillment of your God given power as a Noble Woman or with a Noble Woman, living your truth, is happiness.

Satkirin Kaur Khalsa
Music for a Radiant Life
I ever sing God’s praise and speak God’s Nam and by Guru’s instruction
I enjoy the love of God.

We are very grateful to our dear friend Sat Kirin Kaur of New York City who has delivered to the planet another beautiful and uplifting album. Produced by sacred music genius Thomas Barquee, Blessings of a Woman touches me deeply every time I listen to it. I particularly enjoy how the Mantras and Shabds are supported by a wonderful array of styles and sounds including bossa, reggae and raga. I love her version of Aad Guray Nameh which has both the Gurmukhi Mantra and a lovely english translation of the Mantra.


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