La Mujer Noble




This one song is so powerful for guiding women to their power through NOBILITY. Remixed from the CD: BLESSINGS OF A WOMAN and recorded in Santiago, Chile in January, 2010 after the Kundalini Yoga Festival there. It is a full 10.05 minutes with added vocals for a beautifully embellished, already most popular track. The words were spoken by Yogi Bhajan at his lecture to the woman at Khalsa Womens’ Training Camp in the summer of 1978. Khalsa women have been singing this song ever since then.

The original mix was provided by Thomas Barquee with remix by Carlos Fernandes, translation by Carlos and Sat Shabd Singh of Santiago, Chile.El nuevo CD single en español se titula: LA MUJER NOBLE (Noble Woman). Esta canción es MUY poderosa para orientar a las mujeres a su poder a través de la NOBLEZA. Remezclado desde el CD: BENDICIONES DE UNA MUJER y grabado en Santiago de Chile en enero de 2010 después del Festival de Kundalini Yoga de allí. Se trata de un total de 10,05 minutos donde se agregaron voces, a un tema ya muy popular, bellamente adornadas. La mezcla original fue proporcionada por Thomas Barquee con la remezcla de Carlos Fernandez (“Guru” Sat Shabd Singh) , traducción de por Carlos y Sat Shabd Singh, de Santiago de Chile. voces: por Satkirin, Gurubir, Amrit Kirtan y Carlos
Texto original como lo dio Yogi Bhajan en el Campo Entrenamiento De Mujeres Khalsa en Julio de 1978

1 – La Mujer Noble

In January 2010 I was in the Andes mountains teaching at the International Kundalini Yoga Camp in CHILE. We came up with the idea to remix the very popular song…NOBILITY…into Spanish for all the participants of the course and for all of Latin America. Carlos and Sat Shabd Singh & I put our heads together and came up with this beautiful translation. We recorded it in Santiago Chile. It will bring joy and elevation to you. Just listen and smile.


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