Lightness of Being




The deeply devotional voice of Sat Kirin’s fusion rendered mantras embellished with the artistry of Thomas Barquee, Zoran and the World Class musicians of Om studio in Calcutta give us this delightful and uplifting meditative experience. This compelling chant album contains soothing songs with violin and esraj, soaring sounds of Bansuri flute, and lively Indian rhythms.

Likewise Sat Kirin’s debute-album Universal Prayer, with the experience of over 20 years of active musical work of the artist, this album is a highly evolved highlight which impresses through its deep and meditative mood, the wonderful melodies, carried by Sat Kirin Kaur’s gentle voice, and last not least the brilliant musical arrangements. Definitely one of the Top-CD’s!


  1. Aad Guray Nameh (Dedication) 7:27
  2. Guru Guru Wahay Guru Guru Ram Das Guru (Support) 11:08
  3. Aad Sach Jugad Sach Hai Bhay Sach (No Resistance) 11:06
  4. Chattara Chakara Varatee (Protection) 7:05
  5. Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasaad (Magic Mantra) 11:11
  6. Ram Das Sarovar Naatay (Purification) 8:34
  7. Satnam Satnam ji, Wahe Guru ji (Ecstacy) 11:02

Lightness of Being is Satkirin’s landmark CD. It is her very being her best selling album to date.
The music flows from start to finish like a beautiful meditation. Or an unfolding of spiritual journey
into the light.
For massage, Yoga Class, sleeping, and meditating, it is a wonderful collection of spiritual songs that will
brighten and lighten your day.


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