Triple Mantra Remix 31 minutes




This is a beautiful, joyful chant that Yogi Bhajan gave to us to do while walking. It is to be done for 31 minutes with a brisk walk.
It will clear the karma of the past and present and the future. It contains three different mantras, hence the name. The words are rhythmic from a language called Gurbani*. ( *from the mouth of the (shabad) Guru)

First Mantra

For guidance and protection. Surrounds you with protective light.
Aad Gur-ay  Naa-meh: I bow to the Primal Source of Creation.
Ju-gaad Gur-ay Naa-meh: I bow to the Creator woven throughout time.
Sat Gur-ay Naa-meh: I bow to the True Source of Creation.
Si-ree Guroo Dayv eh Naa-meh: I bow to Power

Second Mantra

Builds intuition.
Aad Sach: True in the beginning
Joo-gaad sach: True through out all the ages
Hai bhee sach: True even now
Naanak ho-see bhee sach: Nanak confirms Truth shall always exist

Third Mantra

Removes blocks, opens the intuitive flow. (change Bhee to Bhay it removes blocks)
Aad Sach: True in the beginning.
Ju-Gaad Sach: True through all the ages.
Hai Bhay Sach: True even now.
Naa-nak Hosee Bhay Sach: Nanak confirms Truth shall always be true.

Practice reading these words and pronouncing the words. When you walk, allow your intuitive mind to recall the words as you sing along. Better than falling on your face reading the words while you walk.


Q. Do I have to walk for the full 31 minutes?
A. No need to do the full 11-block walk if you don’t have time. Do it for 10 minutes , 22 minutes or 31, on your lunch break and get the same effect.
Q. Do I really need to sing along with the music?
A. That will give you the full effect. Sing to bless and protect your surroundings. I like to walk in the park and sing along, and if you’re worried about people hearing you, remember this: It’s a gift for them to hear you.

Meditation version of Triple mantra which removes obstactles from your path as well as past, present and future karma

–Yogi Bhajan



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