Ah, the radiant body! We use SHAKTI mantras for the radiant body to overcome depression and build self mastery. They are incredibly quick and effective. But what exactly is the Radiant Body?

The Radiant Body is what Maybelline, People Magazine, Lady Gaga and the Alexander McQueens of the world have no desire to market or cultivate: inner attraction…that certain something you cannot buy or sell.

What is attractive in us is not our covers, our makeup, our dress or undress. What is attractive is the radiance that comes from within our being. Our absolutely RADIANT body is a shining armor all around us. This subtle, shining armor protects us and attracts grace and opportunities. The strength of this armor relies on your using your prana and breath every day. Breathe absolutely consciously and then begin reciting the words of Shakti Mantra (“AJAI ALAI…………” or “GOBINDAY, MUKUNDAY…….” for example), with precision and a very focused breath. By doing so, you will build this radiant body and it will surely precede you when you walk into any room, any place, anywhere. You’ll be bringing the “wow” factor into your presence… a very deep and subtly genuine way.

They say in the fashion world, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Well my dears, if you are working on your radiant body then get out there and share it, teach it and let people know what fuels your graceful face….it ain’t mascara.

Notes on the Radiant Body….also known as the 10th Body; (Guru Gobind Singh the 10th master of the Sikhs)

Gives Spiritual Royalty and Radiance, Royal Courage, Radiance, Nobility, Key Phrase: “All or Nothing.”, Courageous in the face of any obstacle. Magnetic presence and command the respect of all who know you. If it is weak then: Afraid of conflict, shy away from people’s attention. Feel ineffective and unable to come through in situation. Key to Balancing: Commitment. Do not cut hair.

SACRED KISS Revue Winner

Kimberly Kirinjot

Title: Healing Sounds of the Infinite
Sacred Kiss has been my inspiration since I started it playing it for my daily sadhana. It has beautiful melodies and rhythms that are empowering and therapeutic. Satkirin’s ability to tune into the sound current is masterful. The musical arrangements are inspiring and moving. The album starts out with “All Things Come From God” that is just amazing and heart opening. This mantra is so grounding and makes you feel the thread that connects us all to the infinite. “Hargobinda Mahan Hai” is a perfect energy to follow which makes you want to dance and move. “Beautiful Soul” is one of the most precious songs I have ever heard. It is pure transformation. It clears negativity and enhances self esteem and honor. “Aap Gavaa-ee-ai” feels like you are floating on a clear crystal pool of water while your face is basking in the sun. Satkirin’s latest version of “Guru Ram Das” is perfect in its musical translation of Guru Ram Das. It is full of love and light and peace. “All For You” is true devotional singing at its finest. It has a beautiful melody with mantra God and Me, Me and God are one that touches and highlights your soul. “Mean Man” is a light and pretty song that finishes off the album perfectly with its steady reassuring beat. I have been a fan of Satkirin’s for a long time and I think that this album really shines. Sacred Kiss is a beautiful balance of instrumentals and vocals which resonate the Nad so clearly and truthfully. This newest release by Satkirin has beautiful soothing, yet uplifting tones to help us connect with our inner peace. This album is great for listening, yoga, meditation and general relaxation! You can feel the profound love from Satkirin’s beautiful healing instrument of God.

Thank You,

Kirinjot Kaur


Simran & Guru Prakash wedding

Summer Solstice Ransabai (all night kirtan) 2011

Summer Solstice 1973-guess which one is me? (the one playing the guitar)

Khalsa Youth Camp martial arts demonstration

After Camp camaraderie

Copper Mountain concert

Charanjeet Kaur-learning to play harmonium
“Unknown and known, He’s set with you. He has a chip in you. God has a computer, is a Master Mind. He’s a huge computer, and He has put chips in everybody. He gave you a lens, third eye. He gave you a lever, that is your psyche. With psyche you can move everything and anything. With the lens you can see all there is. I breathe, I exist, I am here. Can you believe? Can you believe what I am saying? Psyche is projective, concentrated inner will of your soul. And with this impulse, the universe’s impulse moves, and with its magnetic projection, the whole universe moves!”


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