So, how about that Kirtan class?

Today was the introductory class for our KIRTAN & HARMONIUM workshop here in New York city at HariNYC.

It was wonderful to once again step into the space of teaching kirtan and some of my best students showing up. 
I love how it all unfolds. Acknowledging the times are upon us pressuring  a shift. Just returned from New Mexico last night, and feeling the intense pulse I am so grateful to have the Gurbani Kirtan space. It is true that most people do not even know kirtan.
Kirtan is the Science and Art of human fulfillment for me. And I know that most of you could readily share how kirtan has impacted your life dramatically.
For those of you in or near New York City, and love kirtan, would you commit to this 4 week class this month (October) if we made it a different day? We have to keep the week day time and could juggle the lunch hour earlier or later by 30 minutes?  
I am looking for your feedback if you are ready to take this class.


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