This is a story told two times in the Shabad Guru about an Elephant’s Prayer.

Once upon a time there lived an Elephant who was the king of the Elephants. He used to swim across the river to reach a temple where he would place a flower on God’s alter.

One day a Crocodile came and wanted to drown the Elephant. He took a hold of the Elephant’s foot in his mouth and pulled him down under the water. The Elephant tried with all his might, but was starting to drown. Reaching up with his trunk, the Elephant prayed to God and said “It does not matter what happens to me, but let my flower reach the alter of God.”

So the Elephant put the flower on the top of his trunk. He knew that when he drowned the water would carry the flower down. The Elephant prayed: “All I want is for my flower to reach the Temple.

#God heard the prayer of the #Elephant and then God took the shape of a giant fish. The Giant Fish went and crushed the crocodile. And the drowning Elephant was released. The Elephant then went and put his flower on the Alter.

Yogi Bhajan 1983 “Prayer has the greatest power on earth. Even God bows to it. If God bows to anything, it is the power of the prayer. God does not bow to anything other than that.
YB called this a #mantra prayer as the prayer has been totally brought into a mantra.
Ardaas Bha-ee, Amar Daas Guroo, Amar Daas Guroo, Ardaas Bha-ee
Raam Daas Guroo, Raam Daas Guroo, Raam Daas Guroo, Sachee Sahee. 

The Prayer has been made, by Guru Amar Das the Guru. Guru Amar Daas, confirms it. Guru Raam Daas guarantees it.


Sing and meditate with Satkirin in this deeply engaging recitation:

TRACK #7 ON ALBUM: MEDITATE FOREVER by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa…  

  “This is a mantra of protection (a mantra prayer). Whatever the odds (against you) every power of God shall be at your disposal. ” YB 1983

What a great meditation to do when urgencies arise or when you feel pressing needs that you do not know how to address. Surely these times call for such a magnificent chant!

You can chant it for 11 minutes or as long as you feel prompted – 3, 11, 22, 31 minutes or longer. You can use it for a number of days, weeks or months. If you do it in an extended way it will work on many issues, including working on matters you do not even know are important to you and your soul.

Two great Spiritual Masters (Guru Amar Das and Guru Ram Das) go to work on delivering what is best for you or for the person for whom you are praying. 

Worries can disappear when you  just chant. Using this mantra over time, for numerous needs, you come to trust the outcomes are Divinely directed.

You may see the outcome you wanted or perhaps something entirely different that represents a higher gift.

It brings both a promise and a guarantee from two great Masters/Gurus in the 16th Century Sikh lineage – Guru Amar Das whose generosity and caring service made him known as “the hope of the hopeless,” and Guru Ram Das, the “Lord of Miracles” and king of the yogis, who guarantees that this prayer is already being delivered.

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Bountiful Blissful Beautiful Blessings to all


Satkirin Kaur Khalsa



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