You’ve probably heard about getting “good karma.” 

But what does that mean? And where can you get it?

Karma is what comes back to us based on our actions. 

It can be good. It can be bad. Or so-so.

Karma can even come to us when we’re on a walk, especially if that walkis set to beautiful music. Lately, I’ve been playing this chant on my walksaround the neighborhood, which I’d love to share with you.

This makes me think about a personal story I witnessed about karma. 

During the 19 years I lived in the Los Angeles Sangat community, I had the privilege of attending Yogi Bhajan’s lecture classes during the week.

As part of his class, he gave us the Triple Mantra as a walking meditation and suggested we walk the entire city block around the Ashram 11 times while reciting it, clearing all our karmas past present and future. A meditative gift to clear our unintended mistakes, pay it forward and get a good workout.

I watched as the husband of a very dear friend of mine started to do thismeditation walk with a young woman.

Not his wife.


After doing this meditation, the husband decided to leave my friend and move in with the other woman.

Was this a clearing of karma or the creating of more?

Either way, the husband left my friend and their children.

Fast forward four years.

The ex-husband’s girlfriend left him.

The wife and children ended up in a wonderful marital situation.

This puzzled me.

My friend didn’t do the meditation, so whose karma was cleared?

The ex-husband’s or my friend’s?

My conclusion: The meditative effort of one partner (the now ex-husband) cleared the collective karma of them both. But by deciding to leave the marriage, the meditative bond was broken and the ex-husband’s karma came tumbling back into his realm.

The Unknown in life is such that happy or sad, good or bad, we can only know the TRUTH from the sequence of our actions over time.

Maybe we never know the goodness of what has passed or what is coming. But getting into the habit of taking restorative meditation walkscan prepare us for what comes next. 

Your homework assignment: Practice your walking meditation for 40 days (or just start for the week) along with my latest (and free) 30-minute chant.

You’ll begin to experience your life in a new way.

Greet your life and all the dramas in it. 

Those rocks along the road of your life will become building blocks.

For stronger spiritual muscles.

For increased endurance to experience your life with clarity and objectivity.

Download the 30-minute chanting track here or the MeditateForever album for even more songs.


2 responses to “The Walking Meditation That Will Change Your Life”

  1. Siri Kirin Kaur says:

    I love the mantra! The story is very interesting too…and a good example for maintaining the meditative bond. Thank you for both 🙂

    • satkirin says:

      Satnam Siri Kirin Kaur ji,

      You are so welcome. I love that you share your reflections on this Triple Mantra remix.

      God bless you!
      Satkirin Kaur

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