Good Company – Reflections On Satkirin’s Latest Release

By Nadar Nihal Singh

One thing that all people on the spiritual path thirst for is to be in the presence of beings who share their journey as well as those who are guides on the journey itself. Being in the Sadh Sangat, or Good Company, is one of the highest blessings that we can behold in this lifetime. The Sadh Sangat takes us out of our egos, and reflects our highest consciousness back to us. The weak points of our character can be revealed and then strengthened, and our strong points can be utilized powerfully. The collective consciousness can work synergistically to empower our prayers, meditations, and seva far beyond the level of what can be done alone.

Satkirin’s new CD, Good Company, beautifully and transcendently evokes the words of the Shabad Guru, and gives us the Darshan (another name for Good Company) of the enlightened ones. The pure essence of the enlightened ones literally reside in the Bani/Shabad (sacred musical poetry), so when we have an inspired experience of the Bani, we literally have the company of the author of the Bani. We cannot ask for better company than this!

One experience that is often had being in the Sadh Sangat is that we see how people with diverse ideas from diverse backgrounds can come together to create a cohesive whole. Listening to Good Company gives us a very strong experience of this. Each track has a completely different texture, character, message, and approach, yet they all come together with unity and power.

From the first note onward, Satkirin’s voice gracefully pierces through with the strength, sensitivity, precision, and sweetness that only years of dedicated practice and blessings from the Guru can provide. Her compositions draw from a wide range of musical “cuisines”, which gives the recordings a refreshing beauty. The most important and unique aspect of this work is that the compositions and arrangements exist only to support the Naad (meditative quality) of the text. This means that it is not only enjoyable to listen to, but that it can powerfully assist in the transformation of one’s consciousness! Most of the pieces includes an english rendition of the Gurmukhi text to give the listener an even deeper relationship of the Shabad.

There are seemingly countless spiritual and artistic highlights to this record. Among them is Adays Tisai Adays, from Guru Nanak’s Japji Sahib, which stirs up a primal state by bringing into our awareness the basic essence of God. Ray Man Ed Bidh Jog gives us a potent dose of healing energy and divine light, with a heartfelt and warm delivery that provides a comforting meditative atmosphere. Wynne Paris’ Sarod playing provides a refreshing counterpoint that brings life and joy into the piece.

The mantra in the fifth track, Wahe Guru, has infinite capacity for creative expression, and this recording is most unique. It features the sublime trumpet playing of Dave Douglas who, along with being one of the most well known and well respected musicians in the jazz world today, is also a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga. This recording gives life to one of the most difficult concepts to accept, that “me and God, God and me are one”. It’s aim is help us in connecting with God the creator and also to help us own that power. The words from the song You Can Make The Sunshine are a touching way to relate to this power and the essence of Wahe Guru.

Kio Singaar journeys seamlessly back from the modern sounds of the west, to the ancient sounds of the east. It features counterpoint on sitar as well as by Sirgun Kaur’s angelic vocals. It is a powerful divine love song in Raag Kalvati.

The finale of the CD is Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur, which has a surprising and very well executed combination of Raag Purvi and western popular harmonies. This Shabad gives us the Darshan of the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das, in which we experience his transcendent healing energy.

Good Company is east-meets-west kirtan fusion at it’s best. The Shabad Guru is an infinite reservoir of creative and spiritual potential, and this CD is a very unique and transformational expression of its power and beauty.



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